May 1, 2006
Advanced Wiki Features

The ProWikiSoftware offers a large number of advanced wiki features:

  • A PageArchive for keeping page revisions (wiki are now save, nobody can really destroy something). There is a complete history of all pages and you can track any single change if you want.
  • Anybody can delete pages (no problem because anybody can also undelete pages)
  • Simple way to create advanced layouts (see CdmlElements) like tables, tables of contents, hotspots, checklists, markers and many more.
  • Advanced linking: you can have links using any text. You can automatically link to words. Shorthand links to related sites. Automatical linking to sister sites. Link strategies.
  • Advanced searching: search for missing pages, small pages, fat pages. Use regex search expressions.
  • Advanced structuring: categories or folders, subpages and pagegroups, sister wikis and wiki clusters, subwikis.
  • Advanced display functions: Java applet interface, graphical tool interface.
  • Advanced user functions: upload, spell checking, e-mail notification, rc and search across wiki groups.
  • Advanced moderator functions: access statistics and session analysis for single and multiple wikis.
  • Advanced configuration options: full layout control with or without CSS, set configuration options using the browser command line.
  • User rights administration: user groups and special rights. Open, half-open and closed wikis. Upload quotas. Users across multiple wikis.
  • Advanced security: configurable login, support for HTTPS, various archiving options, complete logging, individual IP blocking, slurp detection and blocking/unblocking.
  • CdmlFootnote, blog, quick uploads, and many more ...
The ProWikiSoftware is continuously improving with the help of our users according to their needs. As a ProWikiSoftware user you are part of a community that moves on...