April 24, 2006
Boz Mo

I am BozMo and I like to play Wiki. I thought I would try this site.

My real name is Andrew Cates and my homepage is at and I am also on the French side of Wiki which Helmut has kindly linked across to here.

I am looking forward to meeting some people here. I am 38, have two young kids (so often no time for a while) and work for a children's charity. I read Maths at Cambridge (degree, PhD & research fellow) and then had 15 years in an oil company before downshifting to what I hope is a bit less stressful life.

My interests are religion (in an unaggressive sort of way), maths, physics, the developing world and children


You surely know that Hermann Gmeiner, who founded SOS Children's Villages organisation, was a fellow Austrian. I have the highest respect for your work. I want to offer free wiki space if you have any use for it and my support for anything you want to achieve in the wiki world. Relax, feel at home, become a friend. -- HelmutLeitner

Helmut, thanks. Yes, I know the charity is really Austrian... and I wouldn't have taken a 82% cut in pay to work for it if I didn't also think it was very worthwhile, so I am pleased we agree about that. I will enjoy getting to know the Wiki world more and then perhaps talk about what we might do on it. Andrew aka Bozmo.

That's fine. Global communication could do a lot to connect people. Get to know each other and each others problems. Giving help may be easier if you can actually see the difference it makes. It may be our job to make that happen through online communication and communities. -- HelmutLeitner