July 20, 2006
Cdml Asin /

This is the original text from FeatureRequests:

Easy Adding of Amazon Afflilate ID via CMDL

It would be good to have a CmdlElement, say "CmdlASIN" that would allow you to add your Amazon Affliate ID at the end, automatically. It would be good to get the little discount you can get, if someone clicks through via the link.

Alternatively, it might be better to generalize this into a single Cmdl such as "CmdlAffliates" in case there are other similar cases needing to be added later...

DVD Example

Here is an example link using the ASIN for a DVD, and my Affiliate ID:

The ISBN auto-link does not work as it is focused on books only:
ISBN: B00001U0DP

Book Example

Here is an example of a similarly structured link for a book, with my Affiliate ID, again:

This time the link does work, of course, but it does not have my ID:
ISBN 0312993536


I can imagine an implementation where it is possible to use cmdl Defaults, to set your ID so you do not have to remember to enter it, but can override it if you wish.


What I would like is to be able to use "CmdlASIN", set a default of my affiliate ID, and it inserts the appropriate link. Is this sort of thing possible?

RickCogley July 2, 2006 2:57 CET


Using an InterWeb definition for "ASIN" in /Context:


I've also added an icon definition, reusing the book icon that we use with the ISBN.

This doesn't mean that the CdmlElement mightn't make sense, too. -- HelmutLeitner July 3, 2006 7:52 CET

How cool! -- RickCogley July 3, 2006 8:33 CET

Is it sufficient for the moment? -- HelmutLeitner July 3, 2006 8:48 CET

I think so. There is another element to it, which is to show the thumbnail from Amazon's store of them, for the item. Here is something you can show, which is built in a consistent way from the ASIN:

<a><img alt="Some description" src="" /></a>

In my thinking, the Cmdl would allow both the link, and also the thumb. Is this possible to do like you described, in the Context page? [--RickCogley]

No, probably not, because we need to define the "Some description" parameter. And probably there should also be a way to select the image size and other options, too. How fast do you need a solution? Are you a programmer? -- HelmutLeitner July 3, 2006 9:14 CET

Unfortunately, my coding is limited to some basic scripts in unix shell, or DOS. However, I'm not in a huge hurry, no. Thanks for your attention, Helmut. RickCogley July 3, 2006 9:16 CET

Next release, about in a week, ok? Please give additional specs for parameters, if there are any. -- HelmutLeitner July 3, 2006 9:22 CET