September 6, 2011
Cdml Elements

CdmlElements are used to generate a wide variety of layout elements that are beyond the power of classical WikiMarkup. CDML is short for Content Description Markup Language. The syntax of CDML looks like this:

Simple CdmlElements can look like this:

Note that CDML is tolerant:

  • The order of parameters and text does not matter.
  • Parameters are optional and have default values.
  • Unknown parameter assignments are simply ignored.
  • Unknown CdmlElements show as plain text.

  • there must be no whitespace from the first left bracket to the first closing bracket after the elementname.
  • there must be no whitespace around the parametername.

List of CdmlElements:

  • CdmlAsin -- an automatic Amazon affiliate image link
  • CdmlCalendar -- a calendar fixed or floating that optionally shows your dates
  • CdmlCode -- display plain text, typically the code of programs (software)
  • CdmlDisplay -- show the value of variables
  • CdmlDocument -- define the structure of a larger document (experimental)
  • CdmlFlash -- integrate Flash files in your wiki
  • CdmlFont -- define the font, size, type and colors
  • CdmlFootnote -- define inline footnotes, that link and show at the end of the page
  • CdmlForm -- create forms to interact with wiki (e. g. to send Commands, enter data)
  • CdmlGnuplot -- interface to the external OpenSource program gnuplot, output as gif
  • CdmlGraph -- interface to the external OpenSource program dot to draw network diagroms, output as SVG
  • CdmlHotspots -- show a simple top N list of the pages most used
  • CdmlImage -- display images together with text on a colored background
  • CdmlInsert -- insert variable, pages, forms, ...
  • CdmlJava -- integrate Java applets into the wiki page
  • CdmlLink -- special options for external links
  • CdmlList -- various options for listing pages
  • CdmlMark -- emphasize text like using a color marker
  • CdmlMultilingual -- side-by-side multilingual text
  • CdmlPadding -- improve layout by putting white space into your pages
  • CdmlQuestion -- an element to build simple multiple-choice-like tests or questionaires for learning
    • CdmlEvaluation -- the optional evaluation of the questionaire (experimental)
  • CdmlQuote -- for quotations
  • CdmlSvg -- edit SVG vector graphics like normal text
  • CdmlSymbol -- use a group of prepared symbols
  • CdmlTable -- tables, tables ... many options
  • CdmlText -- insert text in a frame, defining borders, font and background colors
  • CdmlTeX -- interface to the external program TeX
  • CdmlTitle -- section headers, controls color, size and font
  • CdmlToc -- a table of contents for a page
  • CdmlVideo -- support for video content on your own server or free servers.
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