October 13, 2010
Cdml List
A CdmlElement to display page lists. The pages are referenced relative to the current page (or a given root page). One typical application is the display of subpages as a kind of local index.

A simple example


is created by:



  • layout selects the layout (default: simple lines ending in EOL).
    • e. g. [layout=*]: für eine eingerückte Liste mit Bullets.
    • e. g. [layout=table]: für eine Tabellendarstellung
  • type selects the page range
    • e. g. [type=*] all pages (page parameter not needed)
    • e. g. [type=self] only the requested page
    • e. g. [type=children] all direct subpages of the reference page
    • e. g. [type=grandchildren] all subpages two levels below the reference page
    • e. g. [type=descendants] all subpages and their subpages ...
    • e. g. [type=family] the WikiBranch of the parent page
    • e. g. [type=sfamily] the referenced page and its children
    • e. g. [type=xfamily] the WikiBranch of the grandparent page
    • e. g. [type=branch] the referenced page and its descendants
    • e. g. [page=@] or [page=*] all pages (independent from the page referenced)
  • page sets the reference page (defaults to the current page)
    • e. g. [page=CdmlCalendar] (see example below)
  • filter if the pagename contains the parameter it is not displayed.
  • select only pagenames containing the parameter are displayed.
    • e. g. [select=Article] only pages that contain "Article" in their name are displayed.
  • date an additional colums displays the date and time of the last change.
    • e. g. [date=yes] the date of last change is displayed.
  • count sets the maximum number of pages displayed.
  • options varies the function of CdmlList
    • e. g. [options=r] changes the order of the pages to random
  • vida display of VirtualData in the columns (needs parameter variables for the details)
    • e. g. [vida=1]
  • variables defines the columns of VirtualData to display (has no effect without the enabling parameter vida)
    • e. g. [variables=address,phone]
  • shortenpagename suppress the display of a common part of the pagename.
    • e. g. [shortenpagename=TopPage/ParentPage] reduces "TopPage/ParentPage/PageXY" to "PageXY"

More examples

3 pages:date of last change
CdmlCalendar/200412November 20, 2004 12:10
CdmlCalendar/200411November 17, 2004 16:01
CdmlCalendar/200407November 17, 2004 15:17


A list of random pages:


Shortened page names:

3 pages:date of last change
200412November 20, 2004 12:10
200411November 17, 2004 16:01
200407November 17, 2004 15:17


A simple vida example (intro is a standard variable that contains the first sentence of the page):

HowTo/AvoidLineWrappingHi Helmut, How can one avoid line wrapping so that, for example, in writing a poem or in storing a chat the lines don't all wrap into a paragraph
HowTo/BeautifyLinksInternet addresses (URLs) sometimes lack beauty (look too technical) or do not explain themselves well enough:
HowTo/ChangeTheUserInterfaceLanguageThe UserInterface language is controlled by the variable WikiLanguage:
HowTo/DeletePagesTo delete a page you must have entered a user name at "preferences" because only then the AdditionalFunctions "delete page" link is displayed at the bottom of the page
HowTo/KnowInterWikiLinksHow can I inform myself about the available InterWiki links?
HowTo/PersonalizeYourSideBarThe term "personal SideBar" means that you can have your own sidebar in your homepage and its subpages (which you can treat as a personal workspace)
HowTo/ProtectPagesSee HowToAdmin/ProtectPages.
HowTo/PutTextInABoxHelmut, is there any way to have a certain larger text stand out, for example, give it a color or put it in a box
HowTo/RedirectPagesSee PageRedirection
HowTo/RegisterAUserTypically this is the task of an Administrator, there is currently no self-registration in ProWiki
HowTo/ShowRareImageFormatsThe most common image formats are recognized by ProWiki and displayed as images instead of links
HowTo/TurnAutomaticLinkingOffThere are three options that controll AutomaticLinking: WikiAutoLink, WordAutoLink and UnderlineAutoLink
HowTo/UndeletePagesAny deleted page can be undeleted by restoring an earlier revision from the PageArchive
HowTo/WorkWithTemplatesThis pages is for administrators who want to tune their wiki layout.
HowTo/semanticweb About the semantic web to be written here


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AndriusKulikauskas February 13, 2009 15:51 CET Hi Helmut, I am thinking it would be useful to extend CdmlList so that we can have lists of variable values where one of the variables is set (for example, Investigator=BenoitCouture). My understanding is that CdmlList does not currently support that. I think I could modify the sub CdmlList to do that. If I did, would you add that to the main code? and do you have any suggestions how best to do that?

HelmutLeitner January 12, 2010 10:47 CET : Sorry for missing this message, I just read it. What do you mean by "where one of the variables is set"?