November 12, 2003
Character Code0166
The "extended ASCII" character 0166 is used as an invisible separator character, especially to suppress automatical wiki linking. During editing this character is displayed as a vertical line, when the page is displayed it is removed and becomes invisible.

Examples for its use:

  • to shorten PageNames. (written: PageName¦s)
  • to deactivate a LinkPattern (written: L¦inkPattern)
  • to deactivate an url: (written: h¦ttp://
  • to put images side by side without a separating blank:

How to enter character 0166 from the keyboard:

Using MS-Windows you:

  • press the ALT-key and keep it pressed
  • press and release the 0-key (on the numerical keypad at the right side of the keyboard)
  • press and release the 1-key
  • press and release the 6-key
  • press and release the 6-key
  • release the ALT-KEY
By the way, you can produce all characters from the extended ASCII codeset 0..255 this way.