May 31, 2006
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Action Archive

ActionArchive interfaces to the ProWiki page revision system which is implemented using RCS. There should be only rare situation where there is a need to access this command interface directly.

General syntax:

Valid commands are:
  • list ... display the list of all stored revisions (the usual entry point of the UserInterface)
  • page ... display a page (needs version parameter, single revision)
  • diff ... display a page and its diff (needs version parameter, single revision)
  • delete ... delete a single revision or range (needs version parameter, single revision or range)
  • deletefile ... delete whole revision file for the page
  • full ... displays the complete revision log (raw data)
The "single revision or range" part may be:
  • e. g. version=1.27 (a single revision)
  • e. g. version=1.27:1.30 (a range of revisions)
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