January 17, 2007
Command /
Action Bpx

ActionBpx is an Admin function that rebuilds the page index cache. "bpx" is short for "build page index".

When is this function needed?

You need it when you

  • manually add or delete pages (e. g. from the Linux command line, or after converting pages from another wiki engine).
  • fundamentally reconfigure the folder system because the folders are also stored in the page cache.

Can we do this for single pages?

Hi Helmut, I'd like to do this for single pages. I'm creating articles for through our interface at It works if the wiki page already exists. But if it doesn't exist, then apparently the cache is not refreshed. Refreshing them all takes a long time. How could I refresh it for the one page? Meanwhile I have thought through a workaround to take people to the wiki directly. Thank you! AndriusKulikauskas January 17, 2007 20:46 CET

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