May 10, 2006
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Action Rc

ActionRc can be used to get specific displays of RecentChanges using parameters. Most of them can also be configured as defaults using corresponding options.

Basic syntax:

Optional parameters:

days The length of the period.
(default: taken from preferences)
example: ThisWiki:action=rc&days=2
example: ThisWiki:action=rc&days=7
edits Include edits (small corrections). edits=2 means "only edits".
(default: taken from user preferences)
dh 1/0 display or don't display a date header for each day
(default: 1 from Option/RcDateHeader)
example: ThisWiki:action=rc&dh=0
di 1/0 display or don't display an inline date with each line
(default: 0 from Option/RcDateInline)
example: ThisWiki:action=rc&dh=0&di=1
trim use various forms of trimming (0=no trimming, show all changes; 1=show the last changes of authors; 2=show the last change of pages)
(default: 1 from Option/RcTrim)
example: ThisWiki:action=rc&trim=0
example: ThisWiki:action=rc&trim=1
example: ThisWiki:action=rc&trim=2

Additional parameters (mostly administrative use):

select Only those changes (rc log file entries) are show, that contain the value of the parameter.
(default: empty)
Example: ThisWiki:action=rc&select=HelpDesk&days=30
filter changes (rc log file entries) are suppressed that contain the value of the parameter. Default: empty.
(default: empty)
Example: ThisWiki:action=rc&filter=HelmutLeitner&days=30

Note that select / filter work on the complete content of the RecentChanges log file lines. Page names and user names are not separable. The situation is similar to ActionLog. This means that you may get unexpected results if your selection is too insignificant.

Note that currently you may even use Perl RegularExpressions.

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