February 22, 2005
Comments On The Folders Concept

Tuesday February 2005, 8h 40 am

Mm! It's even better than I had imagined.

A few weeks ago, I thought your folder system was a simple reverse search.

Something like: I write FolderAbitbol in all pages created by myself; I click on FolderFolders, then FolderAbitbol, the program looks for all pages that contain the word FolderAbitbol and the program lists them.

Well it's not quite like that: the way you have set it up is that when I click on FolderAbitbol I get the page Folder Abitbol (with the editable text I have written on it) and on the bottom I get a computer generated list of pages belonging to that folder...

If the program does not find anything it does not put the ugly "0 pages found". Well done!

In other words with this system I could use your folder systems in three ways:

  • 1) Automatic system: I could put trails with the name of the folder at the bottom of the page like you are doing now
  • 2) Manual system: I could write manually a list of pages related to that folder. Sort of road map. In this case of course I would not put trails on the bottom of the page.
  • 3) Automatic and manual system: I could organize the list of pages differently on the top of the Folders page and if I put trails in pages, my folders page will have both orders: a customized order if you will and an alphabetical order. Very interesting!
---> See [FolderAbitbol] for an illustration of # 3.

In fact folder pages can be used as road maps the same way I put road maps in category pages on C2. (ex:

And the current system lends itself perfectly to the three ways.

Mm! Not bad at all!

Well done!

-- RobertAbitbol