September 6, 2011
Download And Install

The ProWiki (prowiki) project at SourceForge:

If you consider installing ProWiki, please read the SystemRequirements. Installation is currently a manual process which takes about 30-90 minutes.


  • License: GNU GPL in prowiki_readme/COPYING
  • Installation instructions: contained in prowiki_readme/INSTALL
  • Readme: prowiki_readme/README

Download from non-sourceforge server

ProWiki can also be downloaded from the server here. Download the current release:

ProWiki Install Instructions

please place the installation instructions here.

People want to know!

It's part of the download, but also available directly here: . -- HelmutLeitner December 1, 2008 20:16 CET

Releases (newest on top)

ProWiki 2.0.045Oct 14, 2006ChangeLog#20045, improved symbol alignment, experimental video support and other minor improvements
ProWiki 2.0.044Aug 10, 2006ChangeLog#20044, mainly improvements on I18n and "branding".
ProWiki 2.0.043Jul 20, 2006ChangeLog#20043, improved VirtualData functions, new TalkingPages and CdmlAsin, ...
ProWiki 2.0.042Jul 08, 2006ChangeLog#20042, improved SectionEditing, CdmlImage and uploading. New ActionVersion and ProWikiVersion.
ProWiki 2.0.041Jun 20, 2006ChangeLog#20041, SectionEditing, NearLinking, improved CDML defaults, ...
ProWiki 2.0.040Jun 07, 2006ChangeLog#20040, MultiLinking, LeafLinking, PageArchive UI improvements
ProWiki 2.0.039Mai 30, 2006ChangeLog#20039, tt, sub, sup, TemplateInsert supports wiki text
ProWiki 2.0.038Mai 16, 2006solved Bug#6 Bug#7, minor improvements with LinkRewrite
ProWiki 2.0.037Mai 10, 2006solved Bug#5, "nav edit" CSS adressability of "Edit" link, see GEWiki
ProWiki 2.0.036Mai 9, 2006solved Bug#4, improved CdmlForm, new PageType "table"
ProWiki 2.0.035Mai 6, 2006FormLayoutParameters, solved Bug#3
ProWiki 2.0.034Mai 5, 2006FlagFrontPage, FlagRecentChanges, improved support for PageType in the Archive
ProWiki 2.0.033Mai 4, 2006oldest downloadable release


Please use ProWikiCenter ( for all feedback regarding ProWiki. The most obvious places are: ForumPage, BugReports, FeatureRequests and HelpDesk.

External Components you may need

External components you may need to install
diff GnuSoftware:diffutils GnuDownload:diffutils
rcs GnuSoftware:rcs GnuDownload:rcs

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