July 6, 2006
Email Notification

EmailNotification sends you one or more messages per day, containing links to all pages that have been changed since the last message time. You decide on the wikis you are interested in. You decide when these messages will be sent, but only full hours are configurable. Of course a message is only sent, if there has been at least one change.

What is EmailNotification good for? E-mail notification is a service developed for hosts (moderators) of wiki systems, but any registered user can also take advantage of it. It is especially good if you care for a wiki that has so little traffic that you don't want to look at it dayly. Using EmailNotification you'll never miss a contribution.

Configuration. EmailNotification is a section in the ActionUserdata form. You enter (1) your e-mail address (2) a list of wiki names (3) a list a hours when the messages shall be sent.

Known problems

User TimeZone. Currently the user cannot set his time zone in ActionUserdata. Message hours must be entered with respect to "GMT+1" (Berlin, Vienna, Rome, Paris, ...).

The EmailNotification service has not yet been integrated into the standard ProWiki release.

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