March 21, 2007
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Q. Is there any way to alter a [hotspots] title but somehow keep the age value in it?

You can use the tag {age} within the page title to insert the age value.

Q. What do to colours on the admin's statistics graph refer to?

In short (the long answer will be written in ActionStat):
green: administrator (your own accesses; identified by UserName in preferences)
pink: search engines (based on explicit IP lists)
blue: named users (a UserName in preferences)
red: visitors (no UserName in preferences)

Q. Deleted pages are appearing in my [hotspots] table (here). How can i remove them?

Sorry, there is no way but to wait until they time out.

How do you mean time out? I've tried waiting for the hotspots to automatically rebuild, and have also tried rebuilding them manually, but to no avail.

Rebuild doesn't help. The deleted page is in the access log (it will also stay in the recent changes display). Currently this means that it will also be in the hotspot display, until either the 8 days are over, or until other pages take its place in the top N list.

I know that this feels clumsy, but there are a number of technical and semantical problems connected with this. I thought about it repeatedly, but haven't yet found a good solution. -- HelmutLeitner

Q. When logging into one's admin preferences, would it be possible to include a link on the 'Login succeeded' page to the section one was trying to enter, rather than make one have to click on the 'Preferences' link again?

Please explain the way you go, page by page. Maybe I can suggest a better way.

I click on 'preferences', then 'login', enter my details and login, then I get a "login results: login succeeded" page. Then I have to click on preferences again, to get back to the admin section.

I have now changed it so that "login from preferences" will show an answer page with a "Continue" that brings you back to preferences.

If you look at the "login link" in preferences you'll see that there is now a continue option for "action=login" that may bring you anywhere you want. For example ThisWiki:action=login&continue=TestPage should bring you first to the login and afterwards by "Continue" to the TestPage. This might be useful if you want combine a bookmark with the login. -- HelmutLeitner

Q. How can I change my wiki admin account password?

Users can change their password using the "action=userdata" (see ActionUserdata) command. There you can also define your e-mail notification service. Currently the wiki interface doesn't contain a link to go there.

Q. Might it be an idea so that when one is on a WikiNode's action=edit page, that the node name part of the title, i.e., the "FrontPage" part of "Edit FrontPage", becomes a link to the actual node, so if the user decides not to edit the page after all, they can escape simply by clicking the link. This would be usful for pages like Context where the user had to enter their username/password and go through a couple of pages between the actual WikiNode and the editing page.

Please you describe the way you go, page by page.

I browse to Context, I click edit, I enter my details and login, I click 'Continue'. I'm now in the context edit page, but I decide I don't want to bother changing anything after all. At this point, I have to click back three times to get to Context. I'm proposing that on the edit page, the WikiNode name in the large text above the textedit box would actually be a link to the page one is editing, so one can simply click on it to view the page.

I see. I'll add such a link, perhaps not on the title (because this is typically the BackLink function), but something like "back to page" or "abort edit".

The problem exists only for your first "Context edit" because your are not logged in. On the second occasion you just have one 'Back' in the same edit situation. Typically admins set a bookmark at action=stat or action=log (because they are curious what has happened) and start their work with that. But I'll add that link - it's good to have more than one way to do it.

Q. How can I set up my wiki so that visitors need to enter a UserName to add/edit pages, i.e., no anon (just ip) editing?

You can just raise the level for editing by configuring "NeedStatusEdit=User", but it is good to accompany this by a "EditByVisitorPage=WelcomeVisitor" that automatically shows a "WelcomeVisitor" page to visitors when they edit without having given a name. You can look at TolkienWiki:WelcomeVisitor where this is in use. Of course you can choose any page name for it. Note that there is a tricky CdmlLink in this page to support the continue, it's easiest to just copy it. -- HelmutLeitner

Q. How about forwarding visitors from to ? -- MilkMiruku

It is redundant information in http.conf and never seemed worth the effort. Do you really need this?

It's just a small idea, you don't have to implement it if you don't want to. I just thought that it would simplify the url that a visitor would have to remember to access the wiki. -- MilkMiruku

Ok, I installed that redirection. But don't tell anyone. -- HelmutLeitner

Thanks -- MilkMiruku

Q. How long does the username cookie last? I'm just wondering, because some pople may use publically accessable computers to browse online to access a wiki. -- MilkMiruku

Currently the "Preferences cookie" lasts almost forever (don't ask me the exact time, maybe 10 years), the "Login cookie" only until the browser programm exits.

If you use a publically accessable computer with your name, then someone else might edit the same wiki (very improbable but possible) and show as your identity in RecentChanges. That's not desirable, although it's informal and anyone can enter any name (even "MickeyMouse"). You can clear the username from "Preferences" to avoid this. But I know how easy it is to forget this (I surely forgot a number of times myself).

Of course this makes an additional feature in "Preferences" desirable: a checkbox "[x] store username for next browser session" or "[x] delete username at the end of the browser session" or something like that. What would feel more natural to you? -- HelmutLeitner

I think "[x] delete username at the end of the browser session" would be more suiting, as most people tend to use their own computers (or have their own computer account w/ cookie storage) for online browsing. -- MilkMiruku

I'll add it to my ToDo list. Please move it up or down my priority list, as it seems appropriate to you. -- HelmutLeitner

The action=gindex page has german text on it. -- MilkMiruku

Please check it again, it should be ok now. -- HelmutLeitner

I have this InterWebLink set up; "* interweb.OpenAether" but it does not seem to be working (see

You have to write these as assignments using "=". -- HelmutLeitner

Q. What does the different pieces of information in "Hsum=10:22 NIPs=9 NIPmore=4 Sessions=108 Singles=69 Pages=295 Edits=197 Actions=77 XPS=5.3 SECPS=345.8 SECPX=65.6" mean? -- MilkMiruku

You should find most answers on ActionLog. -- HelmutLeitner

Thanks! -- MilkMiruku

Using a [link] within a [table] shows up as the raw text, rather than as the link (as seen here: -- MilkMiruku

This has to do with the restrictions on recursive use of CDML. You may use the short form [...url... ...label...] helps around this. -- HelmutLeitner

A friend of mine and I were making a few edits to my wiki last night, and at one point I got an edit colission (on StylesWithinGoth) but I decided to cancel my edit (because I was doing more than one thing at a time and wasn't sure if I had changed anything, so had only clicked save to be certain). But later on I noticed that the piece of text my friend had added had been credited to myself in the page diff. Is this a bug? -- MilkMiruku

(diff) display shows three different diffs. If you had the last change, he made a minor edit (e.g.) afterwards, you will still get your changes shown primarily. This typically makes sense, but it may be confusing. -- HelmutLeitner

How can i make "[ [xml]]" show up as a hyperlink (the text looking like "[xml]")? -- MilkMiruku

Ok, that's part of the unwritten "tricks of the wiki magician". [ and ] can't be directly used in the label text, but you can hide them by using HTML character coding: [ and ] this way: "[ [xml]]". -- HelmutLeitner

The colum spanning code on my hotspot isn't working anymore. -- MilkMiruku

Sorry, there must be a small bug connected to a ":" in the title. I've replace it with a "=" for the moment and will look at it later in the evening. -- HelmutLeitner

I hope the bug is resolved. It came from the extended interwiki functions (labels) and didn't turn up turing testing. Thank you for reporting the bug! -- HelmutLeitner

No problems -- MilkMiruku

The domain names doesn't seem to be working curently. -- MilkMiruku

Yes, I'm sorry. They were hardly used and I didn't renew the DotNetDomains, please use .org .com instead (or .at .de .ch). -- HelmutLeitner

Trying to rebuild my hotspots gives me the message "This feature needs the rights of a "Supervisor". Please do your login first." -- MilkMiruku

This was too strict, I changed that to "Administrator", please try again. -- HelmutLeitner