October 18, 2006
Inter Wiki Links

InterWikiLinks are a shorthand syntax to reference pages in other wikis. Typically you would have to write a complete Internet address, for example:

Based on a table of shortcuts, you can write this shorter


and in a more pleasing way.


There are typically three places to put interwiki definitions:

  • a single intermap.txt file in the ServerDir (definitions are effective for all wikis on the WikiServer)
  • the standard wiki.cfg file (old standard configuration file, effective for the LocalWiki)
  • the TopContextPage (also effective for the LocalWiki, more common nowadays than wiki.cfg)
Option/Interweb documents the syntax.


The current list can be displayed by using CdmlDisplay, for this wiki in /CurrentList

InterWikiLinks can be decorated by LinkTypeIcons.

In principle you can put the link definition in any "Context" subpage but this is not very common, because it would be effective only for the respective PageBranch. It could make sense in a SubWiki-ContextPage, when the admin wants to keep the definitions focused where they are really needed or when the existing SubWikis are very independent.

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