January 10, 2007
Log File

The LogFile logs all wiki requests. It is a monthly file, named "log_YYMM" (e.g. log_0609 for the September 2006), located in the DataDir directory.

Structure of the LogFile

The LogFile is a text file delimited using the "|" character. It has field names inline to allow for structural changes.

field nameexample contentmeaning
ACTIONsomepath/wiki.cgi?edit=FrontPagethe incoming request
STAMP4. Januar 2007 1:22date and time stamp of the request
HOST123.23.45.6#111the IP address and preferences cookie number of the requesting computer, #111 is a special number signifying that no cookie exists.
USERTestUserformal login username (may be empty)
NAMEMyNameinformal preferences username (may be empty)
UT0.250Unix user time needed for answering the request
ST0.030Unix system time needed for answering the request
TS1167866576the unix time in seconds, corresponding to STAMP (epoche time)

When reading the LogFile using external programs, no specific order of the fields should be assumed.

Archiving and Deleting

LogFiles are needed to create statistics. They can get quite large and are therefore archived or deleted sooner or later. When deleting them, keep in mind the more recent files are often used to create statistics (e. g. Command/ActionStat or CdmlHotspots). Usually it's ok to archive and delete LogFiles older than 2 months.

See also

The changes to the wiki are logged additionally in the RcLogFile. This is for quicker generation of the RecentChanges display.