July 8, 2006
Native Image Size

Digital computer images are characterized by the number and quality of the pixels they are built from. The NativeImageSize means the width and the height of the image given in "number of pixels", e. g. a size of 640x480 may be suited for display on a typical 1024x768 laptop computer display.

Nowadays images are produced in high resolution by digital cameras or scanners, e. g. something like 3000x2000 ("megapixels"). These images must be reduced in size to work well in WebPages or WikiPages, because otherwise they need a lot of space to be stored and high bandwidth (long time) to be transferred from server computers to client computers (users). It's desirable that pages load quickly (in a few seconds at most) and part of this is to keep the overall storage size of all the media elements on a page in a reasonable range.

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