February 23, 2009
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Auto New Strategies

AutoNewStrategies is the smaller brother of AutoLinkStrategies. It uses the same syntax and should be either identical or a subset of AutoLinkStrategies.

AutoNewStrategies defines which page variations are offered to the user when he clicks a BeggingLink (to create a WantedPage). If there is only one option, the EditForm opens immediately. Otherwise a list of the suggested page names is displayed to the user, where he can choose from:

AutoNewStrategies is often left undefined (EmptyString) because ProWiki then takes it identical to AutoNewStrategies. This is typical.


What if ANS is not a subset of ALS? This would mean that the user could choose a page from the list that is subsequently not linked, so the BeggingLink would be unchanged. Hardly desirable.

Why make ANS and ALS different at all? A lot of options (like here in ProWikiCenter, see the example above) may confuse unexperienced users. Experienced users (admins, moderators, hosts, regulars) have many options to create pages and are not restricted to the offering of the BeggingLink. So one can choose to simplify the situation for creating new pages (for example to =W) while not reducing the flexibility of AutomaticLinking strategies.


AndriusKulikauskas February 23, 2009 11:24 CET Helmut, is there a typo above? should it say "takes it identical to AutoLinkStrategies"? Also, our wiki currently doesn't have either AutoLinkStrategies or AutoNewStrategies defined. But it doesn't go straight to the edit form. Instead it goes to an intermediary page with one choice. (See, for example, WorkWalk) Is that intended? Anyways, I will be reintroducing AutoLinkStrategies at WorkNets. We're finding that for our new interface it will work very well to have fractality (such as at Global Villages because with our PHP shell we can reduce the complexity typically assumed when you want fractality. We can have different interfaces for different levels of sophistication. Partly inspired by Franz's love for Hypercard. But I will set AutoNewStrategies to just one link, I suppose in the same wiki level, to keep that simple.