April 28, 2006
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Stat Type

StatType definitions are used an input data by ActionStat for the interpretation of wiki traffic. It let's understand ActionStat understand what an admin request (or core group request) or a robot request is.

ActionStat shows admins, users, visitors and robots separately (look into ActionStat for detail). The information who is an admin or robot is taken from StatType definitions. More than one user may be defined as administrator, it is often used to define a core group of users.


  • stat.type.ip=robot

  • stat.type.JohnSmith=admin
  • stat.type.BillMiller=admin
Placement: typical placement for "admin" in the TopConfiguration (wiki-sepcific). typical placement for "robot" in the GlobalConfigFile.

Note: The system relies on the users to enter their names correctly in the UserPreferences. If an admin does not, his request will not show in the statistics correctly.

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