October 30, 2006
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Status For Edit

This option is used to control the right to edit pages. You can give this right to (1) all (2) individuals (3) groups or a combination of these. You can specify (a) all pages (b) single pages (c) Branches of the page forest (d) pages according to their name.

Typical options in the TopConfiguration:

  • status.for.edit="" (none, the default, everyone may edit)
  • status.for.edit=User (a username is available in the "Preferences")
  • status.for.edit=Author (typical for wikis that assign explicit read / edit rights)
  • status.for.edit.leaf.Context=Admin (Context pages only editable by admins)
  • PeterSmith (SideBar editable by authors and PeterSmith)
Example option in a BranchContext:

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