July 16, 2006
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Vida Auto Intro

VidaAutoIntro defines a VirtualData variable and converts the first sentence of a page into its value. It also processes the resulting value and turns it down on some conditions.

Currently configured:

Variable VidaAutoIntro:

Example use (VidaAutoIntro##intro):


After defining or changing VidaAutoIntro one needs to update the cache using ActionBpx.


TalkingPages and TalkingPageLists ask for explicite definitions. The user may find that first sentences of pages may do the job.

Processing - Technical Information

  1. The end of the sentence is the end of paragraph or one of the characters in ".?!" followed by a space. The sentence is extracted.
  2. If the sentence starts with the page name, it is removed to avoid duplication (see above).
  3. If the sentence ends in a full stop, it is removed.
  4. If the sentence doesn't start with a letter, the whole sentence is dropped.
  5. If the sentence contains an incomplete CdmlElement (may span multiple paragraphs), it is cut at the beginning of the CdmlElement.
  6. If there is a separate definition of a Vida variable in the page, this explicite definition takes precedence.

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