June 27, 2006
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Answered Questions

Thank you, Helmut!

We share some experience MigratingPages from PmWiki. Also, HouseKeeping.

Q:The word God is always linked, presumably because it is capitalized. Is there a way to limit it to a single link?

What do you mean by "single link"? Only the first occurance on a page?

A: You can use Option/LinkSuppress to avoid linking selected words. You can turn off Option/WordAutoLink. See also AutomaticLinking.

Thank you! I have suppressed the link to God. We can put in the link explicitly as needed.

Creating a list (or folder)

Andrius: How do I create a list, for example, a list of key concepts?

Do you mean a list of pages, each describing a key koncept? In this case we would use a category "List of Key Concepts" or ListKeyConcepts, FolderKeyConcepts or CategoryKeyConcept, depending on what you finally prefer.

CommunityCurrency/KeyConcepts seems in the wrong place, because the KeyConcepts are more general.

It's meant as a subset - but perhaps it would be better to output that as a report based on a subset of people.

Removing unwanted auto-links

Andrius: Helmut, I forgot - how do I keep auto-links from happening for certain words (like What)?

Put into Context: link.suppress.What=yes

Generating lists of values

Andrius: Helmut, I would like to generate a list of people and their key concepts. I would like the key concept to be stored as a variable in the page corresponding to the person. I would like the report to find the pages with a key concept and list those pages and the key concepts. How could we do that? What would be the best way for us? Perhaps it would be as a page list - we would specify a list of variables, such as PageList("keyconcept, location") and then it would generate a list of rows with each row giving the page name (thus the name of a person), then their keyconcept, and then their location. With links to each as available. We might need extra codes to say if a field is required or optional or disqualifying. Perhaps that would be enough to make for powerful reports.

Ok, I promised to implement that extending the ProWiki:CdmlList syntax. ETA is monday, Mar 27. -- HelmutLeitner March 23, 2006 9:37 CET

Creating a Link

Andrius: Helmut, I'm having trouble creating these links:

on the page How do I do it? Thank you, Andrius

Andrius: Helmut, thank you for showing this: GlobalVillages/ERDE/ERDE, however, it doesn't work for labeled links: [GlobalVillages/ERDE/ERDE ERDE]. But FranzNahrada showed me this syntax: ERDE.

Extra Slash

Andrius: Helmut, why is an extra slash appearing in some of our URLs, such as: GlobalVillages / / UnityCenter ? Please see our Recent Changes page.

Helmut: Andrius, I already noticed this. It's annoying, although technically the extra slash makes no difference. There is probably a special situation in SubWiki where some base path "...../" is incorrectly joined with some "/"+pagename. But I have not yet been able to find and reproduce the situation. Can you look into it?

Andrius: Helmut, Greetings from Wales! I'm showing JohnRogers how to use our wiki at We realized that the extra slashes are coming from the breadcrumbs, when we click on them we are sent to new pages with double slashes. Am I clear?

Andrius, yes, thank you, I was able to reproduce this. A maintenance update will be ready for you tomorrow. We have two new ProWikiServers running in Kirchbach and in Germany. Had a long skype session with Pamela Mclean today, hope you can meet had. She has incredible cultural knowledge about Africa. Hope we can connect there. -- HelmutLeitner

Andrius: Thank you, Helmut! Is it possible for you to install it directly? I only have FTP access to our server while I'm traveling.

Helmut: Depends on your FTP-access. You need to be able to access the cgi-bin directory where the are stored. you probably MUST be able to change ownership and permissions because you can get in a situation where you update the script there but the browser / Apache / CGI process hasn't the right to execute it. So this could get you into SERIOUS problems making the whole wiki unaccessable.