April 15, 2006
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Migrating Pages

Andrius: Hi Helmut, I have set up this page to ask questions about migrating from our old wiki (PmWiki) to this new wiki (ProWiki).

2006.04.10, Andrius: I'm realizing that one way that I can get the PmWiki page content is to open up the ?action=edit page and simply look at its page source and take out the relevant section of content. Do you know, how can I automate the retrieval of a web page and store it as a file?

2006.04.10, Andrius: Then I can do a few simple transformations of wiki syntax. Is it enough then to simply create the .dw file? Will the other two files get created automatically as needed?

2006.04.10, Andrius: I managed to write a program that takes the PmWiki content and converts it to ProWiki content. However, there is the following snag:

  • In ProWiki, how can I have a link whose URL is based on a single word but has a different label? For example, this does not work: [Andrius Click for more about me] What would be the correct wiki syntax in ProWiki so that there would be a link to the page Andrius with a label Click for more about me?
    • Now I remember, I can use: Click for more about me However, that assumes that the link is going down a level, which may not be the case.