September 8, 2006
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How do we define LinkBarTextHor for a subwiki?

How do we get RecentChanges for a subwiki?

How do we reindex the pages? (I forgot how to do this) Andrius

Andrius, could you please use the HelpDesk for support questions. The page OurCulture should present your project and I can't guarantee to read what's written here. -- HelmutLeitner June 27, 2006 15:00 CET

Reassigning URLs

How do we automatically reassign a URL so that if the top page is, for example, PatternLanguages, and the page is, then the URL will be given as Perhaps could this be done in the display of the pages, so that the URL conversion (of the underlying URL) takes place for all the links within a page? This may be tricky for pages not yet created (but they could be left as they currently are).

Probably you need Apache/mod rewrite. I'm sorry, that I can't offer know-how in dealing with this rather complicated Apache sub-system. You are on your own here. -- Helmut

I would like to solve this using ProWiki because that would take care of the links throughout the pages. Where in the ProWiki code could we rewrite the URLs so that they are shortened as I describe above (the top level is suppressed?)

Andrius: Hi Helmut, I'd like to press on with shortening the URLs. Let's write through our Working In Parallel group or here as best. My wish is that would always redirect to (the local context). In cases where we have the same page via and the redirection (for whatever technical reason) does not take place, then leave it as such. This is to say that (for us) it is part of domain enforcing. Is that possible? In the breadcrumbs, the top level name Page1 should be kept, I think, and also in the name of the top page.

Restricting top level

How do we restrict the top level so that people can't create pages? We only want 8 levels at the top - the names for our eight major subwikis. (OurCulture, LovingGod, OpenLeader, etc.)

Do you really think that you need a hard restriction for this? Typically a soft rule, a guideline will do. If you need a hard rule, one could define an SubPageLevelRange, allowing restrictions like SubPageLevelRange=1,9. -- Helmut

Actually, perhaps it would be best that OurCulture is the very top level, accessing everything.

I don't think that this would solve anything because yu would just have the same need one level deeper. The overall wiki is already named OurCulture, so the top-level would be redundant. -- Helmut

Disambiguation Pages

Andrius: Helmut, I think it would be very useful, especially in our case, that "top level" pages are "disambiguation" pages. What I mean is that for any page (like /.../AndriusKulikauskas) I could go to ?AndriusKulikauskas and either I would be redirected to the unique page /.../AndriusKulikauskas or I would get a list of links to the different such pages. Then we would always have a short URL that we could use. And we would also know if more than one page exists for a term. I'm wondering now how that would work for our seven "top levels". Probably we would be sure to keep them unique. That is, the single page for GlobalVillages would be itself.

Move a Page Functionality

Andrius: Helmut, we will need to be able move a page and have it mirrored in various places. We should talk about that.

Moving and mirroring are quite different things. Can you give an example of what you want to accomplish? -- Helmut

Fix Self-Clashes in Trying to Save Edits

Andrius: Helmut, it seems that when I edit a page it can happen that when I try to save my changes it claims that somebody else is editing the page. But actually it seems that it is my own editing that is triggering the clash. What is the source of this problem and how do we fix it?

Enter your name in "Preferences" and the collissions will go away. There are two reasons for this, one is spam defense (NoCookieSpamLimits). -- Helmut

Andrius: Helmut, I have been entering my name in Preferences from a variety of locations and still collisions are occuring. Is it possible to A) enforce the entering of names (as you have at the ProWiki wiki) and B) if that doesn't help, be able to turn off collisions functionality? The self-collision problem has kept me from editing half of the time, it is a major problem! Note also that some of our pages are created not organically but by migration or movement, etc., perhaps that is a source of the problem. Thank you for your help! We're making more and more use of our wiki and I look forward to seeing you in Austria!

Having People Write Their Names

Andrius: Franz requested that people write their names when they contribute so we could see on the RecentChanges. I realize that this happens if people log in. But people don't tend to log in. Is there a way to have them simply write their name? Or encourage them to log in? What should we do?

There is an old solution which may not be perfect: require the user name.

  • Yes, I think it would be good to require some kind of name, even if the person is not logged in. How can we do that?
Report Listing Pages

Andrius: Helmut, thank you for the report that we're using to list pages, as here. Currently, the report is giving the full path of the page. (For example, OurCulture/Danut?Verve?kien?) Is it possible instead to simply list the page name? (but with the correct underlying link) How would we do this?

Simplifying link possibilities

Andrius: Helmut, Can we (or can you) set this wiki for a single way to express wiki links - we should discuss - should the code presume CamelCase? I don't want to have different pages for Community Currency and CommunityCurrency and Community Currency - they should all point to the same page.

Usually, if you use CamelCase, no other syntax need to be mentioned or supported. " " and "_" are equivalent on the page name level anyway. Do you want to use the space sometimes for aestetic reasons?

We then should also rethink the List of Leaders page naming.

We did, it's ListOfLeaders now. -- HelmutLeitner March 23, 2006 9:39 CET

Linking to pages

Q: How do we point to a page at the same level, especially when it's name consists of a single word? It might also be helpful to have a shorthand, just as we have /Page we might have, for example, =Page or ~Page. Also, how do we point to a page at the same level with a link having a different label. Note that [Page | Name for this page] doesn't seem to work.

A1: In general linking on the same level is the most usual form of linking. It is configured as "B" (brother linking) with AutoLinkStrategies. Note that "T" (Top level linking) "W" (Wiki level linking) and "B" (Brother linking) result in the same behaviour in a simple flat wiki.

A2: If there is a link collision between ChildPage and BrotherPage, the ordering within AutoLinkStrategies decides which gets priority. We currently suggest (BestPractices) that the children should get priority, like in a family . Perhaps I should write a page about the FamilyParadigma in relation to the page hierarchy.

  • I agree that if the two pages already exist, then the children should get priority. However, if neither yet exits, then the sibling should get priority. That is important for us!
    • I think there is only a weak way to give priority because the user gets a list of options when creating the page. I have to test whether AutoNewStrategies can be used for restrictions.
A3: IIRC there is //Page to link on the same level (maybe this mus be enable by an option, I have to look it up), although this is rarely used, perhaps because it is not intuitive, and it might be better to make this configurable. At least the alternatives you suggested ~Page and =Page look at least as good or better.

A4: LabeledLinking currently either needs an URL, a CamelCase pagename or an InterWiki name as the first element within the brackets. There are local InterWiki names like Top:FrontPage or ThisWiki:HelpDesk that can be used. We should probably extend this to be able to specify other link relationships, like "Uncle", "Brother" or "Child". Tell me if you need these.

  • Yes, we need some kind of solution! What do you recommend? Or perhaps allowing for a vertical bar?

Linking to siblings

Andrius: Helmut, How do I link to a page within a section (for example: CommunityCurrency/Principles)?

Helmut: It seems, you just linked to it. Did you want something different: an automatic link on "Principles" or a labeled link that shows different text?

Andrius: I'm having trouble - If I am in one page, like CommunityCurrency/IthacaDollars, then I want to be able to create from there another page like CommunityCurrency/TimeBanks. But this doesn't seem possible. How do I set the autolink?