May 19, 2006
Page Archive

The PageArchive automatically stores page revisions. You can look how a page developed over time and even restore a page or parts of a page if there is a need.

This offers safety in a number of situations:

  • New wiki users sometimes destroy content inadvertently. They are usually shocked and then pleased when they find that no content can ever really be lost.
  • Open wikis are accasionally haunted by destructive users. Without an archive one has to be very alert to avoid damages. With an archive you just let them pass by and revert the pages later.
  • Even in a PersonalWiki - where you are working alone - you sometimes make a mistake. You will like that even then there is some safety to protect you.
Note: Usually not all page revisions need to be kept. There are configuration options to keep the revision count low. E. g. you can have revisions when the author changes.

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