September 6, 2011
Please Contribute

Any type of contribution is welcome. Ask for help or information and we can do so and improve our documentation at the same time. BugReports and FeatureRequests will help to improve the software. Talk about your UserNeeds will create a horizon for our FutureDevelopments.

On the other hand, ProWiki has needs where you can directly help us. This page is the place to but such help request from the community to the public. We will love to give credit to you and praise your work and contributions.

Graphic and Layout

LinkTypeIcons. We would like to have more of these beautiful 16x16 transparent gif's and png's. It would be nice to have one for WikiPedia, which is often linked. You could also support your wiki community by providing a tiny version of your wiki logo - if you do, you'll get another WikiAnchor on LinkTypeIcons. Work: probably about 15-30 minutes per icon. We will give proper credit to you.

Wiki Designs (Skins). Please experiment with TemplateText, build your own custom wiki design and share it with the ProWiki community. We want to support WikiIndividuality with individual looks. Work: probably 2-10 hours. We will give proper credit to you in the HallOfFame.


PleaseTranslate words and phrases that turn up in daily work.

Add another ProWikiTranslation. There are currently 6 languages supported (en, de, fr, es) and two further translations (it, hr) are currently prepared. If you feel up to translate ProWiki to another language, this would be great. Tell us and we will prepare a completely separate wiki for doing this translation and testing. It's about 12-20 hours of work. We will give proper credit to you in the HallOfFame.


Talk to us. It is important that programming work is aligned so that the system is consistent and unfolds naturally. There are extensive plans for FutureDevelopments. See also ProgrammersRoadmap.

CdmlSvg. This is in an experimental stage. Browsers are not very compatible, the same old problem. But SVG is coming. We need a better control for the SVG window and workpane and coordinate system, so users can set this externally from the wiki. We also need some kind of SvgMacro facility, so that the internal idosyncracies and redundancies are reduced. And we would need SvgLib, so that objects can be defined and reused from a central library page. There are various steps in this, work: probably each a few days. We will give proper credit to you in the HallOfFame.

WikiNavigation. There are rough ideas, what this should do: open a frame above the page containing a Java applet that communicates with the wiki frame, show some interactive diagramm, network or map that helps to navigate or understand wiki better. This is a large project, but it can be divided in small steps, each a valuable step forward. You need to know Java for this, maybe Javascript for the back-and-forth interaction. Work: each step from 2-5 days. We will give proper credit to you in the HallOfFame.

Automatic Installation

Installation is currently a manual process that takes about 30-90 minutes. It would be nice to have an automatic installation process that locates necessary information from the Apache configuration and support the placing and symbolic relinking of directories. We will give proper credit to you in the HallOfFame.

Import of MediaWiki and PmWiki pages

A number of ProWiki sites need to import external wiki data to switch to ProWiki. Especially a conversion from MediaWiki to ProWiki is urgently needed. We will give proper credit to you in the HallOfFame.