September 6, 2011
Pro Wiki

ProWiki is a wiki software in use for more than hundred wiki communities world-wide. A partial list can be found in the independent WikiIndex:Category:ProWiki . ProWiki is also used here to support the international ProWiki users and developers community.

ProWiki forked from UseMod in 2001. This means five years of commitment and experience. ProWiki has been developed by HelmutLeitner until March 2006 and will be developed and promoted in the future by the ProWikiTeam.

There is a growing number of ProWikiWikis, ProWikiServers and ProWikiProviders. ProWiki is under active development. PleaseContribute, tell us about your UserNeeds, help with BugReports and FeatureRequests. We promise quick releases weekly or monthly to keep up.

ProWiki has a large number of specific features. WikiContextuality, WikiFractality and CdmlElements are among the more prominent examples. Look into FolderWikiFeatures for a detailed list, into Commsnds and Actions for the fundamental building blocks.


tk: I would like to find some pointers to pages about ProWikiFeatures, FeatureRequests etc on this page.

HelmutLeitner: Thomas, thank you for feedback. I've refactored the page in the direction you suggested. Is it better now?