May 26, 2006
Pro Wiki At Source Forge

Putting a project at SourceForge is probably an adventure in itself. I'm thinking about writing an SourceForgeDiary about my experiences to help other developers (if there is interest, please push me). Anyway, ProWiki is at SourceForge and it's interesting and amusing to observe how it rockets in the statistics, although nothing substancial has happened yet and hardly any "advertizing" has been done.

date"wiki" search rankingproject ranking
05/26/20061. / 461629. / 121113
05/22/200656. / 4601399. / 120735

Anyway, on Mai 22, 2006, after a few days, the project activity is already above 99% and the ranking leaped from 22000+ to 1300+ (of 120000+). If you seek for "wiki", then ProWiki is already on page 3 of the search ranking (19 pages, rank 56. of 460), even before MoinMoin which is hardly explainable to me. Of course it must be the goal to get into the first page, top ten and top five (by quality not tricks of course).

-- HelmutLeitner HelmutLeitner May 22, 2006 10:24 CET

Goal reaches unexpectedly quickly. #1 in "wiki" + Relevance, #5 in "wiki" + activity (the first real wiki engine), #5 in "wiki" + rank (629.) (the first real wiki engine). Now the goal must be redefined to stay in these high ranks by quality work. Or maybe go to top 500? Probably hard for a server product. -- HelmutLeitner May 26, 2006 16:10 CET