May 3, 2006
Pro Wiki Interfaces

ProWiki contains a number of internal and external interfaces that can be used to extend the system by programming, template or layout information or external software. The term "interface" is used here in a very general and abstract way.


  • TemplateSystem -- the ProWiki software combine pages (or results from actions) with layout and configuration information to render the final web pages delivered to the client browser. During this process external software can also be used to provide parts of the final wiki page.
  • CdmlInterface -- a logical interface that allows simple programming of extensions. All parameters are parsed and passed to the CDML procedures in a standardized ways. CdmlElements can build on existing elements to inherit their abilities.
  • MediaInterface -- ProWiki can interface to external software products (like GnuPlot, TeX, Java or SVG) that take text input and produce some media file (picture, animation, applet) as output. There are functions that handle the hard part of managing the activity of external software so that the amount of work for integrating new software is minimized.

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