June 10, 2006
Pro Wiki Programmers Dictionary


This is about the controlled vocabulary that is used in the ProWikiScript for naming functions and global variables. Usually these are either English words (if they are short) or abbreviations. Note that - although the vocabulary looks very English - it is a kind of jargon so that common words often have specific meanings that deviate from everyday use.


  • the understanding of "Get" and "Ret" is crucial, look them up first
  • the "prime object" always starts a function name (FileSetStr isomorphic to file.setString)
  • then the order is: operation, parameters
  • modifiers follow the words they modify ("StrRetChrFirst" instead of "StrRetFirstChr")

General words

Wordtypeabbreviation and meaningusage examples
Appoperationfrom "append", to add at the end of some existing object contentFileAppStr
Automodifierfrom "automatic"WordAutoLink AutoSubPageList AutoLinkStrategies
Chrobjectfrom "character"ChrRetHex StrRetChrFirst
Clearactionto reset an Object to an empty standard state, compare to "Del" 
Createactionto create an object, need not be formalDirCreate
Cvtactionfrom "convert", the prime object is changed in place, function has usually no return valueStrCvtUnicode($s)
Delactionfrom "delete", to remove an object, compare to "Clear"FileDel
Getoperationquite contrary to common programming use, "Get" means that the following parameters (references) are used for passing function results. Useful for Hashes and Array to avoid the overhead of passing many elements through the return value list.PageGetContext($id,%hash)
Pathobjecta filename potentially including directories and extensionsPathRetDir
Retoperationfrom "return" specifies the following parameters to be passed through the return value(s) of the functionPageRetText StrRetUpper ChrRetHex WordRetLanguage
Setoperationprime object parameters are assignedFileSetStr
Strobjectfrom "string", arbitrary sequence of charactersFileAppStr StrCvtUnicode

Project specific words

Wordtypeabbreviation and meaningusage examples
Pageobjecta wiki page, referenced by its string name e. g. "FrontPage", typical local variable name $id for complete page namesPageRetText
Showactiondeliver a WebPage to the client browsersShowPage ShowFile ShowText
Wikiobjectthe LocalWiki if no modifier is used, no reference neededWikiRetPageList
(none)objectdepending on the context, either the Wiki or the requestShowPage (means WikiShowPage), RetParam (means RequestRetParam)