January 4, 2004
Spell Checker

There is a simple spellchecker available. It does a character by character comparision to words that have been identified and put into a dictionary. So you have to enter all word forms sooner or later to get a complete word list. But these dictionaries are shared among all wikis, so you can build on the work of others.

Spellchecking uses 3 dictionaries:

  • an English dictionary
  • a special dictionary ("URL" or "LASER") for any type of jargon
  • a Name dictionary (e. g. "Bill" or "Clinton") that should be pretty language-independent


  • you can turn it on using the FlagSpellCheck variable (FlagSpellCheck=1). You get an additional "SpChk" in the EditBar of each page. You get a an additional "Dictionary link" at the bottom of the "Preferences" page.
  • If you prefer the "SpChk" link in the LinkBar (this depends on the template layout), configure LinkBarSpellCheck=1.
  • You can also configure the link name (default: LabelSpellCheck=SpChk).

Using spellchecking

You must also have entered a UserName to get a display of the necessary links.

  • Clicking "SpChk" will give you a list of unknow words. You may add any of these words in upper or lower case to any of the three dictionaries.
  • At the bottom of the "Preferences" page there is a "Dictionary" link, that gives a list of all words in all dictionaries. It is possible to delete words from this list.