May 18, 2006
Structured Vector Graphics

SVG is supported by CdmlSvg (look there for examples and syntax).

SVG is a non-proprietary standard (somewhat similar to Flash, but much less powerful) that is increasingly supported by browsers. But "increasingly" means that some browsers (users) will not be able to see the produced graphics. Also, some features (e. g. text along curved lines) are not available on all WebBrowsers. This is the reason why we have not been using it more extensively in the past, although SVG really has a lot of potential. It's the usual PITA with BrowserIncompatibility.

Documentation of the SVG standard:

See also:
  • CdmlGraph -- interface to software producing graphs as SVG
  • CdmlGnuplot -- interface to gnuplot, producing diagramms as .gif
  • CdmlTex -- for support of TeX typesetting of mathematic formulas