November 28, 2006
Sub System Picture Caching

Pictures of graphical subsystems (like TeX or gnuplot) are produced as compressed graphics files (e. g. in the .gif format) when the formula (or the text it is based on) is created and when it (or some parameter) changes. The pictures are stored (cached) in the DataDir/graf subdirectory on a "per page" basis. Pictures that refer to outdated text revisions are automatically deleted.

It is very simple to support additional graphical subsystems that do such text => picture conversions. So if there is good software out there, or someone willing to write a tool that offers a friendly syntax to the user who has to write the code, e. g. for producing diagrams or graphs, we could easily integrate that and improve the wiki system. -- HelmutLeitner November 28, 2006 11:49 CET

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