June 6, 2007
Sub Wiki

A SubWiki is a part of a wiki that - almost, as far as possible - behaves like a separate wiki. No other wiki engine supports SubWikis as fully as ProWiki does.

Typical features of a SubWiki:

  • isolated RecentChanges (The parent wiki may or may not see the SubWiki activity)
  • separate page index
  • separate search for the SubWiki pages (optionally for all wiki pages)
  • complete configuration options (including template, language, access right, whatever)
  • A SubWiki may contain further SubWikis recursively
  • The higher level of the wiki becomes - almost - invisible
Typical reasons for a SubWiki:
  • to support a foreign language user group
  • to have a collaboration space for a specific project that
    • is more open or more closed than the rest of the wiki
    • needs to have a clearly visible different identity or feature set
  • to provide workspaces for users


The SubWiki feature is controlled by the Option/SubWiki.


It would be good to have an example of a SubWiki here at this wiki. But also there are subwikis elsewhere:

See the Context pages. Here is a list of context pages at this wiki!

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