August 14, 2004
Suggested Features /

username auto clear

For use with public workstations the username entered in "Preferences" should be cleared automatically when the browser session ends (this is what a temporary cookie does). A checkbox below the username:

delete username at the end of the browser session

Feature suggested by: MilkMiruku. [Nov 10, 2003]

Ok, this feature has changed slightly when implemented:

delete data at the end of the browser session

This should express clearer that all data connected to the cookie (not only the username) is deleted. -- HelmutLeitner [Dez 1, 2003]


How about a 'logout' option for admins on the preferences page? -- MilkMiruku

A useful thing. May be useful for anyone who is logged in. Currently you have to end the browser (close all windows) to get the same effect. -- HelmutLeitner

Now, the function "action=logout" is available and the preferences contain a "logout" link (if you did a login). -- HelmutLeitner [Dez 1, 2003]

Amazon ASIN

How about adding AISN functionability along side ISBN? i.e., ASIN 0198780419 would give -- MilkMiruku

How is this different from a normal ISBN 0198780419 link?

Oh, AISN numbers seems to work with the ISBN InterWikiLink. Ah well, thanks anyway -- MilkMiruku

PNG file upload

Allow uploading of .png files -- MilkMiruku

Done. Please test it. -- HelmutLeitner [Dez 23, 2003]

Custom InterWikiLinks

How about letting wiki admins set custom InterWikiLinks for their own wiki? I'd like to add a few things including linking to searches on and to users' info pages -- MilkMiruku

This is available. For examples look at the "interweb"-assigments in FractalWiki:FR/Context. -- HelmutLeitner

Cool, thanks -- MilkMiruku

Referer Information Page

How about a referers page for admins, so they can tell who's linking to their pages? -- MilkMiruku

This feature is already available. See ActionReferer. -- HelmutLeitner

Cool, thanks very much =) -- MilkMiruku

File rename in upload directory

How about a file rename function for the upload section? -- MilkMiruku

Do you mean a "rename during upload" or a "rename of files in the upload directory"? -- HelmutLeitner

A "rename of files in the upload directory" -- MilkMiruku

This would run the risk of breaking existing links to the file. -- HelmutLeitner

Might it be an idea to have ProWiki search all the pages for any references to the file, and warn the admin of those pages before letting them rename the file? -- MilkMiruku

Difficult to impossible, because any wiki or even other websites may reference the file. -- HelmutLeitner

Regardless of the risks, I feel that the ability to rename a file that is stored on a remote server is a basic necessity to perform some of the more simple tasks that are required in life. Plus there's the fact that whatever the method an admin uses to rename a file; the original file path is not going to be valid anyway. -- MilkMiruku

I think you are right, I'll add this feature as soon as possible. -- HelmutLeitner

UploadedFileRename is now available. Please note the restrictions. -- HelmutLeitner (Jan 4, 2004)

What about letting admins set something in Context page that would make their wiki linking system ignore certain CamelCase words (i.e., don't make them into a link or don't put a question mark beside them)? There are certain company, product and user names that are in the CamelCase format, i.e., LiveJournal, BlogIM, BartVB, etc, that constantly set off a wiki's linking system when the admin has no intention of creating a page under that name. -- MilkMiruku

You can use the existing feature LinkSuppress. -- HelmutLeitner

Filtered RecentChanges

How about being able to filter RecentChanges so that it shows a certain selection, i.e, something like*Review* -- MilkMiruku

That's a good idea, especially because it could be coupled with filtering or selecting categories or languages (in a multilingual system). -- HelmutLeitner