April 26, 2006
Top Configuration

The TopConfiguration configures all wiki pages of the LocalWiki and can be done in two places:

  1. the WikiConfigFile wiki.cfg, which is located in the ConfigDir directory
  2. the top Context page, also referenced as Top:Context (see TopContextPage)
The TopContextPage is processed after the WikiConfigFile, so the options of the TopContextPage may overwrite the options previously defined in WikiConfigFile.

There are some Variables that can not be redefined in ContextPages:

Variable %VarLockedHash:
AllowEdit => n
ContextPageName => n
CookieName => n
DataDir => n
DateLimit => n
DefaultRights => n
ExecutablesDir => n
GlobalDir => n
PageLimit => n
ScriptFile => n
TemplateInsertPassList => n
UploadUserQuotaMax => n
UploadWikiQuota => n
UserName => n
WebDir => n
WikiBase => n
WikiCharset => n

If these variables occur in ContextPages, they are just ignored. There is no error message when you use them.

They are blocked for redefinition becauseof :

  • technical reasons: e. g. the CookieName must not change because otherwise the user reference to his preferences data is lost.
  • security reasons: e. g. a changeable UserName could make you an admin
  • logical reasons: e. g. DateLimit and PageLimit are limits given by the ProWikiProvider to the wiki owner