January 30, 2008
Turn Off Fractality

Sometimes a wiki should just be as simple as possible: no subpages, no fractality.


(1) Remove all existing AutoLinkStrategies and AutoNewStrategies definitions from your configuration files or configuration pages.

Comment: This defaults to script defaults of AutoLinkStrategies=T and AutoNewStrategies=T respectively. So only the creation of top level pages will be offered. Only links to top level pages will be automatically generated. If you prefer to keep the options, set the parameters to "T".

Comment: typically this is enough, although it doesn't prevent an experienced user to create subpages, for example using the command line.

(2) Remove a MultiLinking option or turn it off (MultiLinking=0).

(3) Remove a IncomingPageMissingTryLeafLink option or turn it off.

(4) If you want to explicitely forbid the creation of subpages, use the option UseSubpage=0 in your configuration file. This makes a pagename containing a slash illegal.


AndriusKulikauskas January 30, 2008 12:03 CET Thank you, Helmut!