September 19, 2018
Virtual Data

VirtualData means that certain parts of ProWiki page content can be used as data. This data can be displayed individually or in lists. VirtualData is supported by VidaCaching which makes it so efficient that we can consider it "zero-cost" ("vida" is ProWiki slang for "virtual data").

Example assigments (used below):

  • data=3.456
  • test: this is an another example of VirtualData # a comment to be ignored
  • MAIL name(AT)somedomain.tdl
This is in real use (see below and in FolderVirtualData):
  • info: the general concept to have page content act as data
Note that the Context pages hold and use similar data for configuration purposes. But Context pages are excludes from normal VirtualData search and the syntax is slightly different (no comments, only "=" operator) for consistency and even more efficiency.

Format rules for VirtualData:

  • exists in bulleted lists
  • assigments may be written "variable=value" or "variable:value"
  • a comment after a leading "#" character is removed
  • whitespace may be used deliberately and is removed

Simple uses by CdmlDisplay

results in:


(the variable declared above; works on same page only)

Variable vida.test:
this is an another example of VirtualData

Simplified Syntax for List (more about CdmlList see next section)

results in:


Access VirtualData in CdmlList

Both commands:


will produce:

ContactUs MAIL office (AT) 
EmailSupport MAIL support (AT) 
HelmutLeitner MAIL leitner (AT) 
HowTo/Link MAIL leitner (AT) 
ProWikiProviderList MAIL office (AT) for offers. 
VirtualData MAIL name(AT)somedomain.tdl3.456
VirtualData2 4,55
WikiService MAIL office (AT) 

Access virtual data using the command line

Use VirtualData to make TalkingPages

You write "VirtualData##info" to get:

VirtualDatainfo: the general concept to have page content act as data

If you define a default "talking page variable name":

Variable PageAutoTalk:

This can even abbreviated to "VirtualData##" to get the same result:

VirtualDatainfo: the general concept to have page content act as data

Use VirtualData to enrich index and folder lists

Pretty much the same can work in folders and the PageIndex:

Variable IndexAutoTalk:

Look into FolderVirtualData to see the automatic display of the "info" variables.

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