May 28, 2006
Wiki Fractality

WikiFractality means that any part of a wiki can be configured individually, in the extreme to become a wiki of its own, even recursively. This is a feature pretty unique to the ProWiki.

The configuration of a page is done in a special subpages named "Context". Take the colors to stand for layout, user rights or any other property:

Options are passed to subpages (jargon: inherited) and can be enhanced or redefined on any level:
  • one extreme is a SubWiki: a WikiBranch that may have its own layout, language, link options, RecentChanges, index, statistics and works like a wiki of its own (red and green could be candidates).
  • the other extreme is the page or page type that is completely individually configured (in the example: blue and yellow). Each page could have its own language, logo, layout or link rules.
  • in additional the normal scope an option (parent page and all its descendants) may be reduced. See OptionScope.
WikiFractality is a simple idea that adds a so many ways to use to wikis, that only a small percentage have already been explored:

  • SubWikis for special interest groups within the community
  • projects and subprojects within a wiki that have separate access rights * students groups that work behind a curtain on the same task until the curtain is lifted
  • create and test new designs within a wiki, allowing everyone to participate
  • make a private Branch as an editorial system to work on pages that are then published (just copied) to the public part of a wiki
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