July 11, 2006
Wiki Net Import
This is a feature, that is - like WikiNet - under active development. Look into WikiNet for the general overview.

WikiNetImport means that there is a performant cron-crontrolled synchronization of arbitrary data that is given from other ProWiki (and non-ProWiki) servers on a selection of wikis they host.

Currently only the visibility of pages is implemented. This allows to support SisterPage and MultiLinking to wikis on other servers.

Near Future Developments

Known problems

This feature depends on a separate script that is activated by the cron system. It is not yet included in the standard ProWiki release.

Please post your interest to become a test user.

Discussion / Test User

Bonjour Helmut, I'd be really interested to become a test-user. Currently thinking in this french link-language experiment which could use MultiLinking. On a personal point of view, I'd like to build an index combining words coming from mb, cw, oddwiki, fractalwiki, craowiki and anywhere. It could help our french CommunityWiki:AcadémieWiki. Very enthusiast on the perspectives to test this WikiNet on any other uses (political, kitchen, news, corporate...). -- ChristopheDucamp July 9, 2006 13:19 CET

Christophe, have you already set up some ProWiki site that is separate from FractalWiki that can be used for doing this? -- HelmutLeitner July 11, 2006 10:13 CET

No Helmut. On my own currently unable to make such an install. Still awaiting some french initiatives but for the moment I don't know any even if I hope some french folk could be able to do that in the future. That's the reason why my question was for the moment about testing inter-wikiengine. -- ChristopheDucamp July 11, 2006 17:40 CET

Ok, what kind of testing would you like to do? Currently we have three servers connected: prowiki, prowiki2 and coforum (ThomasKalka, only export). Soon we will be able to add the OurCulture server (AndriusKulikauskas). -- HelmutLeitner

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