November 27, 2004
Wiki Virtual Data

WikiVirtualData means that wiki content can be treated as data, just as the content of Context pages is treated as configuration data. A number of functions will support the selection of pages or page parts, the selection of data types, the processing and transformation of data and the display of results.

Simple example:

Assume that you have a corporate wiki where all the employees have homepages. Most of the homepages contain phone and e-mail entries. Now you want a phone and e-mail list.

Complex example:

You work in a complex organisation that is to be restructured. You need a model for the current structure. Wiki is used to gather the available data. In the end wiki will be a model of the existing oganizational structure. It will also provide the working space to develop and test alternative structures. Wiki will become a modelling tool.

For a discussion see MeatBall:WikiVirtualData.