May 11, 2006
Word Linking

WordLinking is an alternative of AutomaticLinking and means that single words can link automatically. The default is that only words starting with a single uppercase character are linked.

Related variables:

Note: you can define what "word" means in this context by redefining the RegularExpression held by the variable WordPattern. There is an example wiki Sm:FrontPage that links on all-uppercase words and almost on any single word in this wiki (which forms a semantic formal language experiment, see MeatBall:TheOgdenExperiment).

Note: WordLinking is a bit different from other types of AutomaticLinking because it builds no BeggingLinks to create pages. So if you want to create a "word page" you have to use (1) ExplicitLinking (2) the BrowserCommandLine or (3) a form like that on CreateNewPage.

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