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Article Contest

There is a D Article Contest:

From the original newsgroup posting:

D Article Contest!

First Prize: iPad 2 wifi 16Gb

Write an article about the D programming language. The articles submitted will be voted on by the participants in the digitalmars.D newsgroup. Vote tallies determine the winners!

Article submission deadline: before June 1, 2011, GMT Voting deadline: before June 8, 2011, GMT

Author Rules

1. Article is submitted under the Creative Commons License

2. Digital Mars may submit the article on your behalf to publishers like DDJ and

3. You will receive any proceeds from those submissions in addition to any prize money

4. Digital Mars may post the submitted articles on the web site

5. You may post article drafts at any time, collect feedback, and revise up until the submission deadline

6. Article must be about the D programming language

7. You may submit as many articles as you wish

8. Anyone may enter

9. Final submissions are to be posted to the digitalmars.D newsgroup with [Submission] in the Subject line

Voting Rules

1. You must have used your handle to post to the digitalmars.D newsgroup prior to this announcement

2. One vote per handle

3. Voting will be done on the digitalmars.D newsgroup

Winner Rules

1. Ties split the cash equivalent

2. Optional cash equivalent

3. Winner is responsible for any taxes on prize


(Winner) David Simcha: Concurrency, Parallelism and D

Jonathan M Davis: Migrating from to std.datetime

Robert Clipsham: Getting more fiber in your diet

(Winner) Steven Schveighoffer: D Slices

Nick Sabalausky: Have Your Efficiency, and Flexibility Too

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