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Carlos Santander

Hi, I'm Carlos Santander, 25 years old, and I've been part of the D community since May 2002.

I still follow D religiously, but I haven't had time lately to get my hands in any code. The only thing that I can do about once a week is test the latest Tango revision on Mac OS X.


this is a very old conversation

Carlos, welcome. compile is really a nice program. I'll use it at lot, it's exactly what I need for all the small tests I'm just doing. Thank you. -- HelmutLeitner

Actually... thank you. compile is not that great. But, you're welcome anyway (lol). -- CarlosSantander

Carlos, are you from Brasil? -- Helmut

Ne... Close, anyway: Ecuador.

Cool, never met someone from Ecuador. May I assume you never met an Austrian, too? That means the text in compile is in Portoguese? Should we create a module for bilingual programming, so that our tools adapt to the configured native language (or use english)? -- HelmutLeitner

Portuguese?? No... Spanish... I've uploaded a version with the text in English. Is that better?

It will be helpful for most people, thank you. Any new findings about D, anything you miss or what you would like to have? -- HelmutLeitner

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