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DCP Template

D Change Proposal - Do This Like That

ID: An id, like "DTLT" for example, for the proposal or set of proposals.

Background & Terminology

Describe the background of problem and terminology, etc.

Related/See Also:

Related proposals of wiki entries:
  • SomeOtherIssues?
  • {Dcp SomeOtherDcp}?

Proposal #1 Do This Like That

Status: Some keywords that describe the state of the proposal: how much has it been discussed, is it still under construction/consideration (ALPHA, BETA?) or is it mostly final (FINAL?), implementations prospects (OPEN, DROPPED, IMPLEMENTED?)


Describe the change proposal here. Paste code and syntax when relevant/necessary. Be thourough and complete on your proposal description! (unless this is a alpha proposal I guess?) It has to be possible to fully understand and implement this change with the description (and background+terminology), so no generic stuff like "Please implement const mechanism, K THX BYE!!!1"

Main Proposal Thread: Each proposal should have one central thread created for the discussion of that proposal. Place link here

Aditional Discussion: Links to other discussions of the same issue: A NEWS link is provided as well as a HTTP archives link. If the discussion took place as an offtopic in a deep subthread, the HTTP archives link may not be very useful (the archives cannot point to subthreads).

Rationale (PROS)

What's good about the change.

Rationale Against (CONS)

Mention the shortcomings of the proposal here, summarized. There are two kinds, the cons you agree with and the ones you don't. Mention both. Some links of counter-arguments can be presented? But it's best not turn this into a discussion?

Walter's Opinion

If known, mention Walter's opinion here is this section or somewhere else.


Describe the feedback of the community members. Overall rating: [Describe the overall/average opinion/appeal/reaction/consensus of the community] Individual members post their opinion here:
  • [SomeMember?]: [Opinion]
Opinion can be: Favor, Neutral, Opposed, Undecided, Invalid. "Favor, Opposed" can be qualified with how much you like that opinion. In the case of alternate proposals, you can also mention which one you like the most in relative terms. Undecided means you haven't made up your mind yet. By default everyone is undecided. Neutral means you have reviewed the proposal but are indifferent to it? Invalid means you think the proposal is badly formed. Not properly

Examples: Overall rating: Most members agree this should but there no consensus on the exact variation.

  • JohnFoo?: Strongly In Favor.
  • JohnBar?: In favor, but would prefer #2.2

Proposal #2 Do This In That Other Way

Same as above. If there are alternatives then one can nest proposals?:

Proposal #2.1 Do This In That Other Way With Variation A


Proposal #2.2 Do This In That Other Way With Variation B


Proposal #3 Do This In That Third Way



Rating can group all proposals maybe?:
  • JaneFoo?: I like #2.2 and #3 very much, but not the others. [A rating for #1 to #3]

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