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DStress - The D test suite

DStress is a test collection for D compilers. It puts D compilers through a large series of tests (currently 5500 "normal" D test cases and 1000 inline assembler), in order to ensure that the compiler:

  • is stable, i.e. it does not crash.
  • is following the D language specification, and as a consequence, is producing programs that work as expected.
DStress is a crucial piece in the development puzzle of D, the more tests we have, the more bugs can be found and fixed "now" instead of when building or running your application. DStress also ensures that no regressions occur, i.e. that no previously fixed bugs pop up again.


DStress consists of two pieces, the tests, and the test harness which runs the tests.
  • The test harness uses a script/batchfile to run all the tests. The script/batchfile is autogenerated by a C program.
  • Each test is a snippet of D code, usually residing within its own source file. Tests are either compilation-time tests or run-time tests. These reside in the folders compile/nocompile and run/norun respectively.

How to write a test case

Check out -> D Tutorial/BugReports


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