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D Language Design Wiki (DWiki)

D was conceived starting in December 1999 by Walter Bright of Digital Mars ( website) as a successor to C and C++, and has grown and evolved with helpful suggestions and critiques by friends and colleagues. Take a look at the D language spec.

This set of Wiki pages was started by DanLiebgold in the hope that language design discussion could take place in a structured environment, with richly interlinked descriptions of the proposals and ideas generated by the D community.

Please read our /StyleGuide.

To see a description of what exactly a wiki is, try the WikiWiki entry on the Wikipedia. The Wikipedia is both an on-line encyclopedia and a wiki itself.

For example of another language design Wiki, check out the Nice dev wiki, or the Haskell wiki.

The bottom line is, if you see any concepts that are incomplete, go ahead and flesh them out for everyone's benefit.

D Design

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Some D Links

  • D has appeared on the cover of Dr. Dobb's Magazine. View the article.
  • D is described on another Wiki.
  • The Open Directory has a section for D.
  • D is discussed in its own newsgroup.
  • The Digital Mars website has many more D related links.

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