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Refactoring pages is like refactoring code. Fix, cleanup, delete, restructure, but above all, improve the page.

Some things to fix:

  • Grammar, spelling errors
  • Incorrect facts
  • Code examples that contain syntax errors (be careful that you understand what the original author was proposing)
Somethings to edit and reorganize:
  • Threaded discussions. Once the discussion has died down or resolved, transform it into a single balanced narrative.
  • Pages with text that is not broken up or headed well.
  • Anything that needs it!
Some things to delete:
  • Insults or ad hominem attacks
  • Rude or inflammitory comments
  • Text sections that are have been clearly superceded or obsoleted (use care here)
  • Entries that are denoted with "Delete Me" or something similar
  • Again, anything that needs it!
DanLiebgold (from DWiki)

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