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Take a look at this wiki's formatting syntax on this page (for the netunify Wiki).

  • All of these pages are open for editing. In fact, this site requires user participation to function. Edit away!
  • The goal of this site is to evolve an enlightening discussion of language design. A noble side effect will be to also grow towards a combination of reference and user's manual for the D language.
  • Always use descriptive links. Prefer writing "check out this example link" over writing "click here".
  • Try to keep comments and examples as concrete as possible.
  • Structure your writing to maximize clarity and completeness.
  • Above all, write in plain english. See the government's plain english guidebook for some ideas.
  • When responding to a section with counterpoint or correction, leaving your real name as a signature is certainly good form.
  • When you are sure of your knowledge and stance, /Refactor away.
DanLiebgold (from DWiki)
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