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D Tutorial /
D2 Complexities

Influenced by the news group discussion "I wish I could use D for everything". The idea is to build a factual list of the delta complexity between D1 and D2. Ideas may come from D 2.0 Enhancements, but this should cover more of the significance of the enhancements.

The first place to look for precise information is the D official documentation. Most of the following links actually send you there.

  • Introduction of const
    • optional and doesn't affect callers of api's that declare const params
  • Introduction of immutable
    • less optional since it's not as coercible, but also less frequently
  • Introduction of pure functions. See also Purity in D
    • optional, will not affect callers of apis
  • Introduction of nothrow functions
    • optional, simple, will not affect callers of apis
  • Template if clause
  • Template alias parameters
  • ref returns
  • shared
  • Closures
  • alias this
  • template literals
  • struct ctors and dtors

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