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Is It AFunction Or ADelegate

Is it a Function or a Delegate?

One problem I encountered when working with D and functional programming was that there were times I would pass a pointer to (what I assumed) was a function, and instead it would pass a delegate.

Eventually, I got sick of guessing what was going on, so I went off and tested every kind of procedure I could think of in order to work out just what is a function, and what is a delegate.

Quick Summary

Below is a quick summary of the results.

If we define func as:

void func() {}

Then what is &func (based on where it was defined)?

  • Function Pointer:
    • Module level
    • Static class or struct method
  • Delegate:
    • Inner function (function in a function)
    • Non-static class or struct method

The Code!

Below is the code I used to test this, so you can try it for yourself.

import std.cstream;

class test_class
    public void testfunc_object() {}
    public static void testfunc_class() {}

struct test_struct
    public static void testfunc_struct() {}

void testfunc_module() {}

void showType(void function() f)
    dout.writeLine("f is a function");
void showType(void delegate() f)
    dout.writeLine("f is a delegate");

int main()
    void testfunc_func() {}
    test_class test_object = new test_class();

    return 0;


If you happen to find any errors in this, feel free to let me know so I can fix it—don't want to look like an idiot, now do I? :P


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